As a scholar trained in the fields of both the colonial French Atlantic World and the modern Caribbean and Latin American history, I take a comparative, transnational approach to designing courses. I can teach across multiple fields, including slavery and freedom in the Atlantic World, histories of colonialism and decolonization, Latin American and Caribbean history, African diasporic studies, disaster studies, and urban history in the global south.  I am trained in oral history and digital history and can design methodological courses on these as well.

What the Students are Saying: 

2019 Intro to Caribbean Studies

Here’s the syllabus
  • “I loved this course more than I can express. Dr. Payton demonstrated an immense knowledge and passion for the history, culture, peoples, and politics of the Caribbean. The themes that we discussed really contextualized the importance of power and history, and how systems of inequality and discrimination can leave deep and lasting legacies. I cannot recommend this class enough, or express my gratitude to Dr. Payton enough for providing this class and space for learning.”

  • “This was my favorite class this semester and I learned so much and appreciate the efforts made by Professor Payton to help us learn the information from first hand speakers, readings and insightful class discussions”

  • “Prof. Payton did a great job with the task of creating a class that could encompass the most important themes about the Caribbean region. She is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about the region, especially Haiti. I loved this class.”

2016 Intro to Contemporary Latin America

  • “You were so kind and extremely open to any towards of remark during class. I never felt like I would be judged negatively for my comments, and this is so appreciated as an undergraduate student! Having the liberty to speak and say thoughts without fear is huge!! I also believe your knowledge in general about humanity really added to the class as a whole. We were able to dig into questions that are not normally discussed in classes.”

  • “Great moderator! Loved your enthusiasm of Haiti and your focus on teaching us how to think and write analytically.”

2015 Comparative Approaches to Global Issues (TA)

  • “Large group discussions that occured in [Claire’s] class were extremely interesting and engaging. Students were able to discuss and argue competing ideas and develop in depth ideas based on the readings. I only wish all the class days were like this.”

  • “Claire was awesome! Knowledgeable on the subject matter and was willing to listen to our opinions. She’s great at fostering an interactive environment. There was hardly any awkward silence.”

  • “I found Claire to be extremely helpful and readily available whenever I reached out for assistance. Furthermore, she was able to explain the readings and core concepts very well, facilitating conversations that incorporated the material and applied it well to “real world” situations.”